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By safe and safe packing, it is a visitor's reliance.

Thank you very much for usually keeping for your exceptional kind consideration. I extend a greeting a word.

The industry of Japan was supported to the manufacturing industry which used high technical capabilities as the base, and has developed by the domestic supply of a product, and overseas export.
And as for the environment which surrounds the packing industry supporting export, the realization to the cost-reduction demand and environment-friendly packing of physical distribution expense from a visitor, etc. are expected under the economic ambience which changes quickly now.

We were overwhelmed as much as possible by the motto obtaining a visitor's satisfaction and reliance in packing safe and always safe based on the packing technical capabilities and experience which have been cultivated for years since the packing operation start in Giyu-Shipping Inc. of Meiji 31 foundation.

As application of the cardboard packaging which has a merit in cost for small and an inside amount-of-resources product, or the palette made of paper, and a measure for an environmental problem, making large-sized wooden box packing for individual products into a subject in recent years, It is tackling positively as activity towards environmental impact reduction to recycling of packing materials, steel packing and practical use of a plastic packing material with easy return, in addition the new environmental regulations (REACH, RoHS, etc.) to all the packing materials.

Since it answers to the needs of the diversified visitor, I continue to ask you to give me further patronage.

Kenji Shigekiyo, CEO

Company Profile

Company Name Giyu Packing Co., Ltd [ Head Office ]
one knot trades BLD 2F,
2-2-10 Isobedori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City,
Hyogo Prefecture, Japan 651-0084
TEL:+81-78-251-5291 FAX:+81-78-251-8546

[ Plants ]
PI Plant
(in Kobe Wharf Packaging Complex Association)
2-9-1 Minatojima, Chuo-ku, Kobe City,
Hyogo Prefecture, Japan 650-0045
TEL:+81-78-302-1919 FAX:+81-78-303-0176
PI A Works (in Kobe Wharf Packaging Complex Association)
2-9-1 Minatojima, Chuo-ku, Kobe City
Hyogo Prefecture, Japan 650-0045
TEL:+81-78-303-0160 FAX:+81-78-303-4259

PI Works No.1 (in Kobe Wharf Packaging Complex Association)
2-9-1 Minatojima, Chuo-ku, Kobe City,
Hyogo Prefecture, Japan 650-0045
TEL:+81-78-303-3113 FAX:+81-78-303-4259

PI Works No.2
2-10 Minatojima, Chuo-ku, Kobe City,
Hyogo Prefecture, Japan 650-0045

Kobe Plant
(in Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s Energy Systems Center)

1-1-2 Wadasaki-cho, Hyogo-ku, Kobe City,
Hyogo Prefecture, Japan 652-8555
TEL:+81-78-682-6109 FAX:+81-78-651-7596

Marugame Plant
53-5 Horai-cho, Marugame City,
Kagawa Prefecture, Japan 763-0062
TEL:+81-877-24-2091 FAX:+81-877-24-6620

Tamano Plant
1-7-1 Uno, Tamano City,
Okayama Prefecture, Japan 706-0011
TEL:+81-863-31-7377 FAX:+81-863-31-7378
Establishment January 29, 1965
Capital 40,500,000 yen
Employees 70
Main Bank Hyakujushi Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation etc.
Main Clients Giyu Kaiun Co., Ltd
Mitsubishi Electric Logistics Corporation
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd
Chugai Ro Co., Ltd etc.
Affiliates Giyu Kaiun Co., Ltd
Giyu Koun Co., Ltd
Partners Kobe Wharf Packaging Complex Association

Business Overview

Packaging business

Packaging with wooden cases and/or wooden crates, etc.
Packaging with wooden skids and/or pallets, etc.
Packaging with steel cases, steel crates, skids, etc.
Heavy duty packaging of heavy products with steel skids (e.g.:. more than 500 tons
of special machinery, etc.)
Packaging with special wood (laminated veneer lumber made from poplar.)
Packaging with hybrid packaging consisting of wood and steel.
Water-resistant packaging for precision instruments.
Generic packaging (with reinforced cardboard boxes, etc.)
Cargo Maintenance


1898 Giyu Kaiun Co., Ltd. founded.
1965 Established Giyu Packaging Transport Co., Ltd.
independent from the packaging department of Giyu Kaiun.
1969 Changed company name to Giyu Packing Co., Ltd.
1974 Nadahama Plant started operations.
6 Uozakihama- cho, Higashinada- ku, Kobe City [Third Construction Area]
1977 PI(Port Island) Plant started operations. [2-9 Minatojima, Chuo- ku, Kobe City]
1980 Established Marugame Plant and started operations.
[53-5 Horai-cho, Marugame City]
1981 Established Kobe Plant in Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s Kobe Works.
1988 Established Tamano Plant.
  To the present

Work Flow

Work Flow

Plant Information

[ PI A Works ]
(in Kobe Wharf Packaging Complex Association)
[ PI Works No.1 ]
(in Kobe Wharf Packaging Complex Association)
PI A Works
PI Works No.1
Plant 1300m2,  Tent(roofed) 500m2,
Open-air yard 250m2,
Overhead crane 10t ◊ 1 / 5t ◊ 1
Forklift 12t to 3t ◊ 4
Plant 950m2,  Tent 300m2,
Overhead crane 10t ◊ 1, / 5t ◊ 1
Forklift 12t to 3t ◊ 3
[ PI Works No.2 ] [ Marugame Plant ]
PI Works No.2
Marugame Plant
Plant 950m2,  Overhead crane 5t ◊ 1,
Forklift 12t to 3t ◊ 2
Plant 1900m2,  Overhead crane 5t ◊ 1,
Forklift 2.5t ◊ 1
[ Kobe Plant ] [ Tamano Plant ]
Kobe Plant
Tamano Plant
(in Mitsubishi Electric Corporationís
Energy Systems Center)
Plant 980m2,  Overhead crane 2.8t ◊ 2,
Forklift 5t to 2t ◊ 2
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